Feb 25, 2021 12:31:32 PM

Sizing Your Rockbreaker System


Designed to integrate into your mobile, portable or stationary crushing plant, or at grizzly ore-pass sites, BTI’s Rockbreaker Systems include boom mounting systems, automatic greasing packages, motor starter panel, joystick control and plant integration.


A great foundation for your rockbreaker system begins with proper sizing. BTI addresses many variables when sizing a rockbreaker system: reach, application, coverage, structure, and proximity to the crusher. Considering all these combinations helps us create a strong foundation for
you to operate from.


It’s vital to consider several important factors when choosing your next Rockbreaker System.


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1. Breaker Size

The size of the hydraulic breaker depends on the application, material hardness, size and amount of oversize material. Considering current and future requirements is recommended.


2. Boom Model

The boom model is selected based on the breaker size, reach requirements, slewing angle, duty cycle and application. Proper
positioning of the boom relative to the breaking area is of prime importance. 


3. Power Packs

The minimum horsepower requirement of the complete system is based on the hydraulic breaker size and boom model. Often in high duty cycles, larger hydraulic power units will be supplied to increase boom speed and reduce cycle times to increase production.


4. Controls

Our systems offer flexibility that allows for safe, effective operation from almost anywhere:
• Electric-hydraulic controls: 200 ft. (60 M)
• Radio remote control: 325 ft. (100 m)
• Camera assisted coaxial cable: up to 1,500 ft. (457 m)
• Fiber optics: unlimited


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