BTI's Throwback Thursday: CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2020 Video Recap   Week 6

Aug 13, 2020 8:00:00 AM

TC Series Hydraulic Compactors





In last week’s Throwback Thursday, we looked at the SH Eagle II Scrap Shear for demolition. Today, we feature the TC Series Hydraulic Compactor that appeared on the CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2020 show floor.

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BTI Conexpo - TC Compactors - V3

Breaker Technology knows a great compactor is hard to find. Some hydraulic compactors on the market today have two vertical plates and an isolator going into the shear, which is high maintenance due the rubber's heat. Our unique hydraulic compactor design delivers high-impulse energy to help you reach exceptional compaction proctor densities with minimal maintenance. When you push down on the top of a TC Series Hydraulic Compactor, the energy compresses the isolator rather than the shear, providing energy transfer to the plate and increasing the life of the isolator.

BTI offers five models to satisfy a wide range of compaction applications including soil, embankments, trenches, sheet piling and posts. Our compactors offer you high performance, quality and range with years of dependable operation.

Key Features:

  • LESS STRESS, MORE COMPACTION: Large rubber isolators prevent vibration in the upper structure, delivering maximum energy through the base plate and into the soil for excellent proctor densities.
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, MINIMAL OIL: The hydraulic motor is sized for high flow and low pressure to match the auxiliary hydraulic circuit of back-hoes and mini excavators, reducing heat generation.
  • RIGHT SIZE, RIGHT FIT: High or low flow hydraulic motors allow for a broad range of carrier match ups.
  • VECTOR TECHNOLOGY: Utilizing “vector” technology, rubber isolators are mounted on compound angles allowing the isolators to better resist the down-force produced by the carrier as well as the push/pull force of the carrier when compacting large areas.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Our standard oil bath lubrication ensures continuous bearing lubrication, eliminating manual greasing.
  • ACCESS NARROW AREAS: Our extremely slim design allows for access to narrow trenches.
  • BRACKET OPTIONS: Flange-type mounting brackets are standard. Dedicated OEM pin center, multiple OEM pin center and quick coupler configurations are available.
  • FLEXIBILITY AGAINST EDGES: Optional swivel top mounts are available on the TC5-1, TC92V and TC152V compactors. Controlled compaction is achieved by locking the swivel mount in different positions of 45-degree increments. By removing the pin, the compactor can “free float.”

Want to see the TC Series Hydraulic Compactor in action? Check out our product video

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