BTI's Throwback Thursday: CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2020 Video Recap   Week 3

Jul 23, 2020 4:49:53 PM

EXC Series Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer  


This week on BTI's Throwback Thursday CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2020 recap, we feature BTI’s EXC Series Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer.  BTI’s Western U.S. Regional Manager Tom Witt, shows off the EXC’s key features. 


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BTI Conexpo - EXC - V4


Designed for quiet, controlled secondary demolition and concrete recycling. Breaker Technology’s EXC Series Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer powers productivity through your excavator’s existing hydraulic system. The back jaw is pinned in place with a stiff arm that is pinned to a mounting pad welded on the lower surface of the excavator’s stick boom. Crushing force and cycle times are dependent on your carrier’s power.  


Key Features


  • SAVE INSTALLATION EXPENSES: no additional hydraulic circuits are required  
  • REDUCE MAINTENANCE COST AND DOWNTIME: individual tooth design makes it easy to replace worn out teeth while in the field while also saving on wear parts.  
  • INTERCHANGE CARRIERS: a simple pin and sleeve kit allows you to interchange between different carriers of the similar weight class.  


Do I need a mechanical or hydraulic pulverizer 


Whether you need a mechanical or hydraulic pulverizer depends on your application, production needs and operator preference. BTI's EXC Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer is best suited for secondary demolition work. It’s easier and cost-effective to operate, doesn’t require any additional hydraulic circuits while its productivity is dependent on your carrier’s power. 


BTI’s Hydraulic Pulverizers are designed for either primary or secondary demolition and has its own hydraulic cylinders to power the attachment. The hydraulic pulverizers offer a bit more power through the jaw for tougher, more extensive jobs. 


Want to see BTI's EXC's Mechanical Concrete Pulverizer  in action? Check out our product video with live action footage.


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