BTI Is Breaking Safety Records

Zero-Harm-logo-1.jpgOn May 6, 2015, BTI celebrated a Safety Milestone – TWO YEARS without a recordable injury! With great pride, we recognized and celebrated this event with each other, and now, in line with the culture of safety that we're building, we turn our thoughts forward with the belief that every day counts, and it’s time to move on.

Breaker Technology’s safety culture is founded on the belief that to succeed; everyone must have opportunities to communicate and participate. We have implemented many communication opportunities for employees at all levels, which run both up and down the corporate ladder. These include such things as morning safety meetings, morning production meetings, daily safety talks and monthly Joint Health and Safety meetings. All Safety Suggestions, questions, and concerns that arise from these are welcomed and considered by a wide range of participants.

Similarly, opportunities to participate also exist at all levels in the company. Our Safety Culture is rooted in the basics: preventative maintenance checks, area inspections, employee discussions and review sessions. Servicing our products in the field can be challenging from a safety aspect and yet we make time to “take 5” for safety to ensure that we, our co-workers and our customers are working safely.

Everyone at BTI knows the importance of speaking up when they see something that can be improved.

Beyond this, we are always looking for improvement opportunities. For example, we have recently worked with our corporate partners to develop a new measurement tool, which looks at both leading and lagging indicators of safety performance. This helps us to see where past concerns have been and to ensure that we are proactively looking for safety improvement opportunities.

Two years without a recorded injury is a record to be proud of. Our Safety Culture has been developed on the understanding that we can have many more days like this, and we are looking forward with anticipation to safety success.